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Baby steps


I’ve been long gone from my blogger commitment.
Life is throwing me around like a helpless boat in the angry seas.
Things will change for the better and hopefully I’ll be able to write my next post from a whole new world.

Till next time Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


Somewhere new

I’ve been thinking a lot in the past few days about everything, the past months,  people in my life and out of my life.


I remember I had a good feeling about this year during the first week of January…. it’s funny after I said it out loud ,everything blew up into billions of pieces… suddenly ,I was fighting for my life,  the man I loved (and still love) left me without a word and I was sitting at home,  thinking this year actually going to be the worst of it all.


It took nearly 7 months of constant struggle with everything and everyone , but now I feel that I am making permanent changes.
Interesting , how going to another country and spending a few days can make you feel worthwhile again.


I realised that I have to forgive to people who left , ignored , avoided me when I needed them the most. In the end you can only rely on your own strength and you will be fine!  😄:)😄


True!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Be happy people!  :)😚

New direction, new beginning


My blog started on the first day of this year , 2014.
I felt that if I am not happy with my life ,I’m the one who can make the changes , so I decided to share my passion for good food and interesting comparison about different types of culinary inventions.
Life has thrown me into the deepest of sea… I’ve been through from a bad relationship ,ย  ’till being fed up at work,ย  topped off with a serious illness .
Now, I m at the point where I can see the end of the misery and the beginning of a new life with a new job in a new country ,with new people and adventures.
These past few months taught me that no matter what happens I have two options : Give up or Fight like hell!


Although,ย  things still not peachy ,I can say that I am happy. I’m not afraid of being alone, I donโ€™t fight against my reality. I try and make the most of what I have and I think that will be enough to make it all happen.
I just wanted to say ,thank you to all of you Lovely People who are reading my lines. Even though my posts were late and delayed sometimes,ย  you are still here and giving me courage to continue!


Thank you for everything!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

The profile of my blog will change a bit but I won’t steer far away from food,ย  not to worry.

Till next time Everyone!

Hanna :)๐Ÿ˜š